Women in Defense - New England Shoreline Chapter



WID-NESC Mentorship Program

Our goal is to provide a community for our membership where relationships that foster professional and personal development can be established and grow. The experience I’ve had interacting with our members is extremely rewarding, because it kicks off a “pay-it-forward” mentality where people have positive experiences and then seek out opportunities to provide the same for someone else. Ultimately, that is leadership.
— Anonymous

The WID Mentorship Program serves as a resource for WID members to have the opportunity to advance and develop their career and interpersonal skills by interacting with mentors of varying career levels.

WID NESC's Mentorship Program was established in 2011 to offer our members the opportunity to develop and advance career and interpersonal skills, by interacting with mentors of varying career levels.

We believe there is significant value associated with the ability to network and strengthen relationships that develop into valuable resources. We aim to capture that value, and provide it to our interested members.

Complete our survey on your preferences so we can appropriately match you with a mentor. Please click HERE to apply.